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Designed to be a high-performance fitness equipment. Meet your best friend for any workout that delivers some juicy results by shaping, lifting, and contouring you all the way, from your midsection and down.


  • 1: Engineered to act as compression shaper, thermal regulator, and pro exercise tool, it features adjustable straps for easy wear
  • 2: Extra thick elastic construction helps burn fat off of your stomach, trim your waist, and lifts your butt through sweating and muscle engagement
  • 3: Speeds up the blood flow and accelerates metabolism, to promote weight loss
  • 4: Ultra-breathable with a mesh open crotch
  • 5: Powerful visual slimming effect
  • 6: Smart pockets for essentials (phone, keys, lipstick)
  • 7: 2-in-1 Shapewear – with removable waist belt with Velcro & separate leggings
  • 8: Power Posture to prevent injuries
  • 9: Instant curves & sexy shape through

Neoprene Body Sweat Suit

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